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  • n. Any polymer of acrylic acid or its esters or salts
  • n. Any salt or ester of polyacrylic acid


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  • How about the fact that the liners in disposable diapers still contain sodium polyacrylate, the same substance that was removed from tampons over twenty years ago!

    The Cleanest Diapers on the Planet « Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

  • Conventional disposable diapers are made of bleached paper fibers, sodium polyacrylate absorbent gels, plastics and other materials I don't want next to my baby's skin.

    Sloan Barnett: Pooping the Progressive Way

  • The aim of the funded young researcher is to assess how and how much the twofold confinement - steric and electrostatic - alters the dynamics of small ions and polyelectrolytes of various lengths (e.g. polyacrylate, polymaleate).

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • The researchers 'mud is made of 100 grams of water, a few grams of clay, a thickening agent called sodium polyacrylate, and an organic molecular glue that holds the whole thing together.

    Fast Company

  • Lofty goals, but strengthening the mud is apparently as easy as increasing the quantities of water, clay, sodium polyacrylate and glue.

    Fast Company

  • To prevent the disks from clumping, the team added a bit of sodium polyacrylate, which disperses the disks by wrapping around the positively charged edges.

    Latest Science News Features, Blog Entries, Column Entries, Issues, Articles and Book Reviews

  • Takuzo Aida and his team mixed a few grams of clay with 100 grams of water in the presence of tiny quantities of a thickening agent called sodium polyacrylate and an organic "molecular glue".

    New Scientist - Online News

  • Where sodium polyacrylate serves as the thickening agent, the molecular glue provides the non-oil-based plastic with elasticity.

    Green Diary

  • Instead, they mixed water with a tiny amount of clay, a dendritic organic binding agent ( "glue") and a polyacrylate salt.


  • The polyacrylate causes the clay to disperse into thin Clay NanoSheets (CNSs) which then provide structural strength as they are bound up by non-covalent forces acting between the ingredients in the resulting gel.



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