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  • n. A deformity of the brain such that it has an excessive number of small folds, causing mental retardation.


From poly- + micro- + gyrus (Wiktionary)


  • No cupcakes in it, but it's very moving and you can read more about Schuyler and the condition she has called polymicrogyria, meaning she pretty much can't speak, at www.schuylersmonster.com and watch the book trailer here.

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  • But then our daughter stories diverged, because Schuyler was diagnosed with polymicrogyria, a brain deformation that, among other things, left Schuyler with the inability to talk.

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  • It has been seven years since Schuyler was diagnosed with bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.

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  • Rachael Davies '11-year-old daughter Saskia has a rare brain disorder called polymicrogyria.

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  • A few cases have been described that associate polymicrogyria with central nervous system hypoxic/ischemic injury without the inclusion of a delay in skeletal muscle maturation.

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  • However, when four of these cases were more closely examined, they revealed polymicrogyria (a brain malformation) and evidence of hypoxic/ischemic injury-a lack of oxygen or blood-to the central nervous system.

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  • I do however have a nephew who is taking speech but mainly because he has a strange condition called polymicrogyria.

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  • CZ: Ref: Jansen 2005 Genetics of the polymicrogyria syndromes

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  • Dixon-Salazar T, Silhavy J, Marsh S, Louie C, Scott L, et al. (2004) Mutations in the AHI1 gene, encoding jouberin, cause Joubert syndrome with cortical polymicrogyria.

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  • However, when four of these cases were more closely examined, they revealed polymicrogyria (a nervous system.



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