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  • n. a papovavirus that induces a wide variety of tumours in newborn animals


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  • Some of these patients develop a damaging condition called polyomavirus nephropathy that can lead to chronic kidney failure and the need to re-initiate dialysis or undergo another transplant.

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  • In addition, I isolated a novel lymphotropic polyomavirus from African Green Monkey lymphoblasts.

    Harald zur Hausen - Autobiography

  • Scientists gathered samples from Pittsburgh, Pa., Barcelona, Spain and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to find traces of 17 viruses known to infect humans, such as the human adenovirus, Norwalk virus responsible for stomach flu, the human papillomavirus and the human polyomavirus, to name a few.

  • Recently, three new polyomaviruses (KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomavirus) have been reported to infect humans.

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  • Merkel cell polyomavirus was detected in 7/8 urban sewage samples collected and in 2/7 river water samples.

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  • KI and WU polyomaviruses have been detected mainly in specimens from the respiratory tract while Merkel cell polyomavirus has been described in a very high percentage of Merkel cell carcinomas.

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  • Lymphotropic polyomavirus was not detected in any of the 13 sewage neither in 9 biosolid/sludge samples analyzed.

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  • JC polyomavirus and human adenoviruses were used as markers of human contamination in the samples.

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  • Merkel cell polyomavirus is prevalent in the population and that it may be disseminated through the fecal/urine contamination of water.

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  • It has also been suggested that lymphotropic polyomavirus, a virus of simian origin, infects humans.

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