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  • n. any of a large class of organic compounds, of plant origin, having more than one phenol group; they tend to be colourful and to have antioxidant properties


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  • Rich in polyphenol antioxidants, green tea is said by some to protect against heart disease and cancer, as well as to supply other health perks.

    Drinking green tea doesn't lower breast cancer risk

  • In particular, an enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase that had been held in check is loosed. - top

  • Pomegranates have super antioxidants called polyphenol which are really helpful.

    CNN Transcript Jun 12, 2005

  • - Mamao Juice is a health drink rich in free-radical-fighting vitamin C and polyphenol, which is highly effective in fighting the growth of cancer cells. : Breaking News

  • Apples and other produce (e.g., pears, bananas, peaches, potatoes) contain an enzyme (called polyphenol oxidase or tyrosinase) that reacts with oxygen and iron-containing phenols that are also found in the apple.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • However, there has been increasing interest in this phytonutrient (technically called a polyphenol phytoalexin) in relationship to the "French paradox," a situation in which red wine drinking among French citizens has appeared to decrease risk of heart disease, despite the alcohol content of the wine.

    The World's Healthiest Foods

  • Scientists have looked at the active "polyphenol" constituents of green tea and have found that they possess remarkable biological activities that include inhibiting LDL oxidation and neuronal peroxidation, while maintaining healthy DNA structure.

    Wil's Ebay E-Store

  • The other group will be encouraged to eat a high polyphenol diet of six portions of fruit and vegetables, including one portion of berries, each day, together with 50g of dark chocolate.

    Cribsheet 30.09.11

  • Contrast a Blue Zone pocket tucked away in the Sardinia highlands, featuring a diet based on cheese from grass-fed animals, unleavened whole wheat bread and a high polyphenol-content local wine, with a wellness cluster in Okinawa boasting a plant-based, tofu-laced diet served up on micro-sized plateware.

    Daniel Cook: The Architecture of Collective Intelligence: Blue Zones & Yoga Nutrition

  • Originating from plants, herbal tea also offers many of the same polyphenol antioxidants that benefit your long-term health.

    Dr. Maoshing Ni: Tea: The Elixir of a Long Life


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