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  • Western.
  • [capitalized] A division of the Paleozoic strata in Pennsylvania, according to the nomenclature suggested by H. D. Rogers: it corresponds to the Catskill group of the New York survey, forming one of the divisions of the Upper Devonian.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective rare Western; occidental.

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  • noun the west; the area of the setting sun
  • adjective pertaining to the west, westerly


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Italian ponente ("west"), ultimately from Latin ponent-, ponens, present participle of ponere ("to place").


  • És el que estem fent ara: ens ha fallat el primer ponent de la tarda, i ens hem empescat una petita ronda de presentacions de les entitats que hem organitzat tota aquesta gran festa.

    Liveblogging (6): Jornades àtic2a 2009, qüestions del directe | [bauen]

  • She was a girl of about his size, which meant also his age, because the werewolves matured at the rate of their slow com - ponent, the human one.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • A spokesman for his successful op ponent in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary, Vincent Gray, said voters rarely mentioned the issue.

    Capital Takes Bag Tax In Stride

  • Fortunately his op - ponent was a child, and a childish example would suffice.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • But per capita expenditures for this program com - ponent, as for HI, are projected to grow in line with per capita health care costs over the long run.

    Will Hillary Take SS Benefits Away From The Boomers

  • The quick retreat caught Flint off guard, and he instantly crouched, watching his op - ponent warily.

    Flint, the King

  • He really hadn't expected the luck of a full strike, but his op-ponent had evidently anticipated a blow to the head rather than the hand.


  • He stored it in a far recess of his mind and moved on, concentrating on his work and his career, which by all ac-counts were far more successful than any selective com-ponent of his personal life.

    The Howling Stones

  • The quick retreat caught Flint off guard, and he instantly crouched, watching his op - ponent warily.

    Flint the King

  • Finding his op-ponent helpless, Emien crossed his dagger over his quillon and bore down with both hands.



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