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  • January 30th, 2007 — pooks Jan posted in comments, so I followed the link to one of her reviews.

    Stanley Alpert’s 25 Hours in Hell With a Turkey Sandwich « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • The pooks were gone in a whirl of frightened wings.

    The Queen of Air and Darkness

  • Some were human of blood, some grotesques like the pooks and nicors and wraiths; but most were lean, scaly, long-tailed, long-beaked, not remotely men or Outlings.

    The Queen of Air and Darkness

  • Beyond their stateliness, pooks cavorted through the gloaming; among the trees darted children; merriment caroled across music more solemn.

    The Queen of Air and Darkness

  • Like the pagan deities who have shrunk in peasant mythology to be elves and pooks and suchlike mannikins, these creatures, banished from the polite reading of the Victorians, reappeared instantly in that grotesque microcosm of life which the Victorians invented as an outlet for one of their tightest repressions, the School Story.

    The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter

  • "Ve vant no more picturs und ve don't reat der pooks," was the argument with which the old fellow met all of Palmer's solicitations.

    Watch Yourself Go By

  • "Vell, it's not too late, gitt oudt, tam you, pack up your pooks und picturs und gitt oudt purty quick or I'll trow you oudt on der rote."

    Watch Yourself Go By

  • He was strolling back, with his hands clasped behind him under his coat-tails, when on the knap of the hill, between him and the town, he caught sight of a bevy of women seated among the hay-pooks -- staid middle-aged women, all in dark shawls and bonnets, chattering there in the dusk.

    News from the Duchy

  • This implied restraint in such trifling things as their having to fence their tiny gardens, protect small stray hay-pooks, and discriminate into what they discharged their ubiquitous blunderbusses.

    A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • Hay-pooks, or rather man-pooks, were immediately formed, and the advancing column, instead of coming straight on, went round and round the ever-increasing stacks.

    A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell


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