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porcine physiognomy


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  • "Pig-faced Ladies were not infrequently exhib­ited at fairs and mark­ets. After a quarr­el be­tween a dwarf and the pro­prietor of a trav­ell­ing fair, which led to a mag­ist­er­ial invest­ig­at­ion in Ply­mouth, the tech­nique of this decept­ion was divul­ged in court. The rogues let a bear drink a large amount of strong ale, before tying it to a large arm­chair, shav­ing its face and neck, and dress­ing the intox­ic­ated animal in female attire, 'with a vol­um­in­ous wig, ring­lets, cap, and art­if­ic­ial flow­ers in the latest fash­ion'."

    - Jane Bondeson, New Pig-faced Lady Portrait, forteantimes.com, August 2007.

    March 20, 2009

  • Another report was also current. Sir William Elliot, a youthful baronet, calling one day to pay his respects to the great lady in Grosvenor Square, was ushered into a drawing-room, where he found a person fashionably dressed, who, on turning towards him, displayed a hideous pig's face. Sir William, a timid young gentleman, could not refrain from uttering a shout of horror, and rushed to the door in a manner the reverse of polite; when the infuriated lady or animal, uttering a series of grunts, rushed at the unfortunate baronet as he was retreating, and inflicted a severe wound on the back of his neck. This highly improbable story concluded by stating that Sir William's wound was a severe one, and had been dressed by Hawkins, the surgeon, in St. Audley Street.

    March 20, 2009


    (Sidenote: _Captain Gronow_)

    Among the many absurd reports and ridiculous stories current in former days, I know of none more absurd or more ridiculous than the general belief of everybody in London, during the winter of 1814, in the existence of a lady with a pig's face. This interesting specimen of porcine physiognomy was said to be the daughter of a great lady residing in Grosvenor Square.

    It was rumoured that during the illuminations which took place to celebrate the peace, when a great crowd had assembled in Piccadilly and St. James's Street, and when carriages could not move on very rapidly,_horresco referens!_ an enormous pig's snout had been seen protruding from a fashionable-looking bonnet in one of the landaus which were passing. The mob cried out, "The pig-faced lady! Stop the carriage--stop the carriage!" The coachman, wishing to save his bacon, whipped his horses, and drove through the crowd at a tremendous pace; but it was said that the coach had been seen to set down its monstrous load in Grosvenor Square.

    March 20, 2009