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  • n. The practice of giving favours or money to voters in connection with a candidate for a current or future election, in order to sway enough voters so that the candidate will win.
  • n. The practice of an elected politician giving favours or money to some or all voters in the politician's electorate, or to certain organizations, as compensation or payback for support from those voters or organizations in the past.


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pork barrel +‎ -ing.


  • But also, and more to the point, no doubt he will go on about how he will veto pork-barrel spending and rein in earmarks and how he's always been so maverickly anti-earmark and pork-barrelling.

    Flashback: Steve Carrell Nails McCain On Pork-Barrelling

  • Both provinces and feds work on that very Canadian phobia, separation, to excuse the pork-barrelling.

    Does the Northwest Passage still matter? « Stephen Rees's blog

  • Already fighting the charge that it is trying to buy its way back into office, the last thing government needed was an official report into its pork-barrelling before the last election.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • The South China Morning Post quoted a Singaporean businessman, Ho Kwon-ping, condemning “cronyism and pork-barrelling” in East Asia, adding, “In place of good management, many relied on guanxi.”

    No Uncertain Terms

  • Burrows said his party was strongly opposed to "pork-barrelling", a term used in the US to describe projects created in areas to sway voters.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • LDP members used to depend upon old-fashioned pork-barrelling to consolidate their seats, while DSPJ members also enjoyed many safe seats, because, under that system, it was possible for marginal politicians to be elected with only a fraction of the votes cast for their more popular rivals.

    Political Situation in Japan and its Role in International Society

  • Business chief slams NBN rollout THE first rollout of the National Broadband Network in Tasmania is a squandered opportunity and one of the worst examples of pork-barrelling, says the state's senior business leader.

    The Australian | News |

  • Super clinic sites chosen without study of services LABOR faces fresh charges of pork-barrelling after conceding it decided to establish 28 taxpayer-funded GP super clinics without assessing existing medical services in the chosen locations.

    The Australian | News |

  • Although there is an extremely business-like approach attached to the project, nevertheless elections, pork-barrelling and new ministers and governments will no doubt have an influence on the NBN.

  • Investors feel a minority government with all its attendant haggling, horse-trading and inevitable pork-barrelling would make it harder to force through the tough spending cuts needed to tackle Britain's massive deficit.

    Irish Blogs


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