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  • Nothing has shaken up the art world this year like the arrest and nearly three-month detention of Ai Weiwei pronounced "Eye Way-Way", the 54-year-old son of a poet whose irreverent photographs and conceptual sculptures—often made from porcelain, tea or temple wood—have earned him a coveted spot among China's pivotal, post-Mao generation of artists.

    The Art of Resistance

  • In fact, the book highlights that China's dam building is a modern phenomenon, with the vast majority of the country's 85,000 dams having been built in the post-Mao period.

    Conflict Over Water

  • Still, the 90,000-member Fourth Army included a regiment of 2,000 women and, of the women accompanying Mao and the First Army, two would go on to serve on the Party Central Committee, one would become a provincial party chief, and one would eventually be one of the so-called Eight Elders of China, a group consulted on major national decisions in post-Mao China.

    Book Review: Unbound by Dean King « A Progressive on the Prairie

  • He was also among the earliest Chinese students sent abroad in the post-Mao era, landing at Columbia University and later becoming a protégé of Leonard Bernstein.

    Creativity Among the Commissars

  • Beginning with a 100-year-old nun and ending with a recovering slacker in his 20s, his subjects describe the days of Western missionaries, the advent of communism—"like hearing the sinister caw of dark ravens," the nun recalls—and the ambiguous tolerance of the post-Mao era.

    Hammer and Sickle and Cross

  • But Ms. Greenhalgh's summary of what the post-Mao regime has accomplished deserves full quotation: State power now reaches not only into the bedroom, intruding on sexual negotiations and reproductive deliberations....

    China's Dreams of Superior Children

  • Mr. Steinhardt said he's seen "prices run up and up" for paintings made since the 1980s by China's post-Mao generation of artists, but isn't sure they're tested enough to sell for over $9 million apiece, as have works by Zhang Xiaogang and Zeng Fanzhi.

    Following the Smart Art Money

  • He knew that, post-Mao, the nation was sick of ideology, so instead of appealing to vague ideals he focused on the economic, scientific argument for preservation.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • The cover of his book The Parallax View reproduces a Socialist Realist portrait of “Lenin at the Smolny Institute,” in the ironically unironic fashion made familiar by the pseudo-iconoclastic work of Komar and Melamid, Cai Guo-Jiang, and other post-Soviet, post-Mao artists.

    Žižek: Fascist? « Gerry Canavan

  • China's post-Mao leadership has been dominated by engineers of varying stripes.

    Right Brain


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