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  • In anthropology, relating to the period after contact between a primitive culture and the trade and influence of a higher.


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  • Such people dismiss - without having ever read them - mind-blowingly original thought experiments by the likes of Bear and Banks and Vinge and me, which make up the only real library of what-if extrapolations that our committees could quickly turn to, in the event of a post-contact situation!

    Mike Brotherton: SF Writer

  • "I'll be the No. 1 fan that day," said Hejduk, who felt he was just fending off a post-contact shove from Canada's Dwayne De Rosario, who also earned a yellow card on the play.

    U.S. tops Canada, will meet Mexico in Gold Cup final

  • But to some extent we have seen something approcahing kind of environment in the past - typically in opening of the North American west or post-contact pre-colonial Africa - where low population density and difficulty of communication over great distances resulted in near autonomy for certain places.

    Going somewhere I don’t usually | Diane Duane's weblog: "Out of Ambit"

  • Four primary factors influenced the post-contact indigenous distribution of Jalisco and its evolution into a Spanish colonial province.

    Sixteenth century indigenous Jalisco

  • I need to find the specific reference for this, but I remember reading some or another anthropologist that there is no “post-contact” society and I think that was defined as any inter-civilizational contact, not just with Europeans where lighter skinn is not fundamentally associated with power, beauty and privilege.

    Who’s White Exercise (UPDATED AGAIN)

  • The bite itself is so minor that it won't do you much harm, but Carter stresses that, as with any animal bite, you need to get medical attention and receive a post-contact rabies vaccination.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • At the point of contact, the swing is nearly picture perfect, except for two things: first, he folds his back foot over, instead of rotating on it, which limits his post-contact extension and follow-through.

    Halos Heaven

  • Progress M-04M (36P) docked successfully to the SM (Service Module) aft port under automatic KURS control, followed by a final DPO post-contact thrusting burn, docking probe retraction and hook closure ( "sborka") after motion damp-out while the ISS was in free drift for ~20 min (11: 26pm-11: 46pm).

    SpaceRef Top Stories

  • "The change from pre-contact to post-contact cuisine is especially interesting because of the Mesoamerican crops that could have been grown in the Southwest, all but the chile and tomato arrived in prehistoric times."

    News from The Scientist

  • Radiocarbon in South Africa a few post-contact paintings dates ranging between 26 ka and 28 ka from

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