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  • n. processing after other processes have been completed


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  • The image post-processing compensates for a lack of a lighting budget, but it also sucks the life out of the scenes.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - They really are rebooting Mortal Kombat

  • If your camera doesn't have a capability to shoot in RAW, permitting we to adjust your white shift in post-processing, make certain we set your white shift on-camera prior to we start photographing a festive season.

    Top 10 tips for festive season photos by Battery Shop

  • New computerized, post-processing techniques are being developed to improve the test's accuracy and lower the radiation dose, and doctors are working to develop a form of the test for which the patient would not need to take laxatives in advance.

    Virtual colonoscopy still has its skeptics

  • Yes, post-processing can help a bit, but it's best to get the color temperature right in the original image.

    Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll: How to Take Great People Photos When You Travel

  • Poetry takes longer than fiction to go through DP as a general rule, because fewer people enjoy proofing and formatting it, not to mention post-processing it putting it together as a finished ebook, but given a few years, it could be on PG.

    Making Light: Amazon & Macmillan

  • B.Durbin@88: in-camera vs. post-processing is a debate that was resolved long ago -- in favor of post-processing, despite the position you express in your message :-.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • So I shot on that for a while and learned how to manage the camera and my minimal post-processing software to handle it so they only looked 'odd' and not 'omg wtf bbq', but light sensitivity went to the top of the pile of features to seek.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • I was badly constrained in my photography by the cost of film and processing up until 1969; these kids get handed down a more-capable camera than I had before 1969, far better post-processing capabilities in Gimp, say than I had in the darkroom, and it doesn't cost anything.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • I love post-processing, and can spend a ridiculous amount of time doing it, but as much as possible, I try to avoid it.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • I had considered ripping the various tape audiobooks to digital format (so they can be played on one of the MP3 units) but the process is lengthy enough with the post-processing (my cassette deck runs a bit slow, amongst other things, so I have to speed-correct) that it isn't entirely worth it.

    Sometimes I wake up and wonder what world this is


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