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  • n. A genre of music which uses rock instrumentation for "non-rock" purposes, often producing songs which are akin to rock music, yet still very different.


Coined by Simon Reynolds in issue 123 of The Wire (May 1994) (Wiktionary)


  • I suppose this is why they're often characterized as "post-rock," a term that implies the cosmos.

    Slate Magazine

  • Lead singer John Thornley, who founded the band with guitarist brother Paul, has a post-rock voice that buoys the disc's heavier songs but also adds to its air of dislocation.

    U.S. Royalty's new album sounds familiar, somehow

  • Somewhere between the two there's Battles, specialising in an oddly glam take on post-rock.

    This week's new live music

  • These being more sophisticated times, the Londoners confine themselves to doing much the same, but in a format you'd loosely have to call post-rock.

    This week's new live music

  • Not that he's abandoned the drums: Mr. Arnalds could be considered a "post-rock" composer, his music as evocative as that of thunderous ensembles like Explosions in the Sky and fellow countrymen and one-time tourmates Sigur R ó s.

    Dust of the Old, Boot Up the New

  • There's Bj ö rk and the majestic post-rock swells of Sigur R ó s, of course, but emergent artists from that country are capturing new listeners as well.

    Dust of the Old, Boot Up the New

  • Soon after, he brought that wizardry to the Brooklyn post-rock outfit Battles, injecting lots of loops and Carl Stalling-esque humor into precise muscular riffing.

    Rocking the Mic

  • They play obscure post-rock songs with long instrumental movements and intense dynamics and atmospherics.

    January's best new music from across the MAP

  • Their influences range from post-punk to grunge to post-rock.

    January's best new music from across the MAP

  • The former frontman of Lift To Experience – an eccentric Texan group dealing in cultish post-rock – Josh T Pearson disappeared off the map nearly 10 years ago.

    This week's new live music


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