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  • Though sometimes characterised as postmodernist, Foucault always rejected the post-structuralist and postmodernist labels.

    Wikipedia on Derrida and deconstruction, Foucault and structuralism, postmodernism and discourse

  • It's just that my own approach is ... "dynamicist" rather than structuralist, which means I do have some sympathy for deconstructivist and post-structuralist approaches, I guess.

    Notes Toward a Theory of Narrative Modality

  • On Friday, I picked up Burleson's Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe, only to be disappointed to learn that it's primarily a dry attempt to subject HPL's work to the rusty razors of deconstruction and post-structuralist literary theory.

    "While my feet are the trunks and my head is the canopy, high..."

  • Hawkins' work has defied easy classification since the early 1990's, offering alternate histories and juxtaposing dissimilar elements, from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, 19th-century French Decadent literature, post-structuralist theory, 1980s teen heartthrobs, Native assimilation in the American Southeast, or the intricacies of Thai sex tourism.

    Bettina Korek: PLAN ForYourArt: February 10-16

  • The post-structuralist, postmodernist, and diversity oriented accounts of gender that have affected other areas of feminist thought have not yet fully impacted on feminist accounts of trans – or on feminist grassroots politics concerning gender diversity.

    Gender Politics

  • At university in the 1960s, he was seduced by the new wave of French post-structuralist theorists – Derrida, Michel Foucault, Julia Kristeva and, above all, Jacques Lacan.

    Slavoj Žižek: interview

  • He also dips into the post-structuralist toolbox of French theorists Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes.

    How Indonesia Gets Its Groove On

  • We can take this idea of postmodernity a little deeper though, overlay Baudrillard's notion of "simulacra", his post-structuralist position that language itself simply doesn't sustain such authoritative readings.

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Postmodern(ism)

  • (Attn. literary theorists: You could make an argument that it's the first post-structuralist campaign.)

    McCain's Narrative Problem

  • (Attn. literary theorists: You could make an argument that it's the first post-structuralist campaign.)

    John McQuaid: McCain's Narrative Problem


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