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  • adj. Of, relating to, or being the time following the establishment of independence in a colony: postcolonial economics.

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  • adj. Following the end of colonial rule
  • adj. Of or pertaining to postcolonialism


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post- +‎ colonial


  • Within what we call the postcolonial or the metropolitan societies, there are different, layered presents.


  • The preservation of the white settlers and their economic activities, capital, and management, which in postcolonial countries were pretty much impossible to replace, was an imperative that was beneficial both for the whites and the natives, for the simple reason that it would be difficult for the economy to grow in a healthy and sustainable manner otherwise.

    Matthew Yglesias » US vs Zimbabwe

  • 35 Moreover, an important conceptual shiftfrom "life history" to "personal narrative" helped, by the 1980s, to move this literature beyond dead-end debates about the "truthfulness" of testimony uttered within postcolonial field encounters.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • It’s true that most of the really vicious killers in postcolonial Africa were personalistic rather then ideological, and that most of the Soviet and Cuban clients were not notably brutal, but their support of the Ethiopian regime is a big black mark on both of them. abb1 says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Good News from Africa

  • One of the most disputed terms in postcolonial studies, ‘hybridity 'commonly refers to “the creation of new transcultural forms within the contact zone produced by colonisation.”

    Hybridity II

  • The very close relationship in critical writing between texts identified as postcolonial and postcolonial criticism and theory is part of what makes the big picture look this way, I think: that is, as a commentor pointed out at The Valve, it is typical for postcolonial texts to be addressed by postcolonial critics, which means they are known and talked about within a relatively specific

    The Valve

  • Even here in cosmopolitan London last July, at events for the Caine Prize for African Writing, students and others posed questions within the same framework, using the word "postcolonial" like it was going out of style.

    On Not Conforming to a Stereotype

  • I'm glad that she also questions that tired old label "postcolonial", so beloved of literature departments and used to describe literatures from all those parts of the globe that were once coloured pink.

    On Not Conforming to a Stereotype

  • It’s not every day you can call a postcolonial novel a ‘feel-good’ book.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • Said's multi-disciplinary approach, his treatment of poetry, news coverage and colonial administration documents as aspects of one cultural continuum, was hugely influential in academia, helping to spawn a host of 'postcolonial' studies.

    iToot Stream


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