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  • n. A tally or measurement that is performed after some referenced event.
  • n. Post count; the number of messages written by a user on an internet forum or message board.


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post +‎ count


  • When your postcount is a means of putting food on the table, that can't help but effect the output.


  • This would be a good way to put the true daily reading (the comics, personal and cute and fuzzy sites, and the random news updates) into one place without losing their proper catalogue location, and to stave off the bizarre feeling of guilt as I head to Dilbert and studiously ignore the mounting postcount in UN Pulse (for eg only, of course!) » 5 Best Tips for Reducing RSS Information Overload

  • Realisty wrote: And if you look at the postcount of The ASPbb Team then it's

  • And if you look at the postcount of The ASPbb Team then it's 4110 and if i'm correct then that could mean april first 2010

  • No doubt our admiration for his integrity will cause this thread to grow far beyond the postcount of the many Megan Fox or other 'babe' threads ...

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  • For example, if they entered their 'Character Name' (identified as character), and I want that to show together with their username, postcount etc. when they post, how would I go about this?

  • I vote Emma's postcount be lifted to 99,999 instead. Forums

  • Nowadays, when a thread is deleted, ones total postcount continues to be credited/burdened with the postcount of the deleted posts.

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  • I'd like to suggest that PMs only be allowed by users with a certain minimum postcount, probably with the oldest required post having a minimum age to allow the posts to be moderated.

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  • postcount = 14 but I want to be able go in and purchase the case locally as I want to use it this weekend.

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