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  • adj. after a debate


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

post- +‎ debate


  • Print reporters included an account of the confrontation in the postdebate analysis they hurriedly posted on the websites of their newspapers and magazines.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • Frank Luntz, the pollster, would assemble focus groups of local citizens who'd use those little postdebate machines to vote thumbs up or down on the competing pork.

    What's the Matter With Earmarks?

  • NEWSWEEK'S special postdebate poll confirmed what all but the most committed Republican voters saw.


  • The same poll had Kerry up by 2 after the second showdown — only to drop back to 8 points down again after the postdebate glow faded.

    Getting Ready to Rumble

  • Of course after the showdown is held, expect the same triumphant pronouncements about Obama's consummate skills and ability to expose his opponent's weaknesses that the postdebate spin rooms during the primaries.

    Getting Ready to Rumble

  • When the postdebate or other analysis comes on TV these days, you can count on hearing the friends of Bob Dole and the pals of Jack Kemp explain at great length exactly what each of them has done wrong and worse since the last time the analyst explained it.

    The Voters Look Away

  • A CBS News postdebate poll found 64% of viewers thought Mr. Obama would raise their taxes versus 50% who thought Mr. McCain would.

    McCain's Missed Opportunity

  • Only a tiny share of voters said the most-recent debate changed their vote, and predebate and postdebate polling by Quinnipiac in each state supported that conclusion.

    Obama's Leads in 4 Key States

  • One guy thought he had heard Ifill, during the postdebate handshake, compliment Joe Biden on his performance, but we think he misheard.

    Experience Prevails

  • He seemed uncomfortable and bland in a postdebate appearance at a nearby hotel ballroom.

    Arnold's Earthquake


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