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  • n. The doctrine that Jesus's Second Coming will follow the millennium.

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  • n. An interpretation of the Book of Revelation where Christ's second coming will be after the "Millennium", a Golden Age or era of prosperity and dominance of the Christianity.

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  • n. The doctrine that the second coming of Christ will follow the millennium.


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postmillennial +‎ -ism


  • But in the nineteenth century, a new theory arose called postmillennialism.

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  • There are differences between these two movements that embrace dominion theology and now, at least for Wagner, apparently postmillennialism but those differences is not over whether their view of dominion amounts to a decentralized, voluntary vision for governing a society of free people.

    Julie Ingersoll: C. Peter Wagner: Dominion Theology And Postmillennialism On NPR

  • All of these men are "black coffee" Calvinists, adhering rigorously to Sola Scriptura, Covenant Theology, TULIP, Van Tilian apologetics i.e. presuppositionalism, and postmillennialism.

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  • And their postmillennialism provides the kind of optimism, not to be confused with triumphalism, that spurs them and their adherents to living this faith diligently in their daily lives, holding fast to the belief that such efforts would do more than save their souls, but would also works towards the reconstruction of a truly Christian order.

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  • Around the time the first wave of postmillennialism was gaining steam, an Irish minister named John Nelson Darby came up with a new theory called dispensational premillennialism.

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  • World War I pretty much crushed that idea, although lately postmillennialism has reemerged in a somewhat grimmer form called Christian reconstructionism.

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  • There is a very strong streak of anti-postmillennialism in the writings of ID theorists.


  • The simple thesis of postmillennialism is that Jesus will literally return to the earth after the Millennium begins.

    Think Progress » Tony Blair agrees that Iraq has

  • This somewhat overheated "living-in-the-last-days" mentality is, however, vociferously opposed by another school of conservative Christian eschatology, which is called postmillennialism.

    The Warring Visions of the Religious Right

  • In opposition the postmillennialism position holds that the second coming of Christ will be after the millennium which is to come as the result of the Christianization of the world without miraculous intervention.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]


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