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  • n. The state or condition of being postmodern.
  • n. Something postmodern.


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  • There’s a simple case here after all: 1) Smirking postmodernity is a distinctively anti-fan position, characterised by an abjection of said fan as pitiable trivia-fetishist; 2) While pretending to a “lofty, purportedly olympian perspective”, this attitude is actually shallow and self-serving posturing; 3) The combination of argumentative critique and proud disdain for the emotionally-invested fan is the essence of the troll; 4) Critique born of this trolling, “critique from nowhere”, is worthless.

    Critique From HereNow

  • While Price seems to be revelling in the timbre of a certain kind of modernity, and taking the idea of postmodernity somewhere new, other artists concern themselves with the persistence of the past in the present -

    The Guardian World News

  • Anderson builds up a narrative of the history of the idea of postmodernity such that it culminates with Fred Jameson's comprehensive formulation of the term: "[Jameson] redrew the whole map of the postmodern at one stroke-a prodigious inaugural gesture which has commanded the field ever since" (54).

    The Valve

  • I think leaping in there with 'postmodernity' might be a little too far-flung... but it's a brave statement at least!

    I Tweet and Web 2.0

  • In many aspects it is the appropriation of modernity and postmodernity which is aiding the cause of the preachers.

    Cooperative Blog » 2007 » February » 14

  • With words such as "postmodernity" or "otaku culture" many readers might imagine the play of simulacra cut off from social reality and self-contained in fiction, but this kind of engaged work [

    Anime Nano!

  • Lacan reinterpreted Freud into our age, that is the age of postmodernity; the age of Einstein's relativity that we are looking back at metaphysical discourse since Socrates: faulty, in a way; because it created a kind of illusion that we will reach the ultimate truth by means of our reasoning; because Western philosophy was mainly focused on consciousness.

    Ehsan Azari Stanizai: Lacan and His Significance in Western Philosophy

  • I mean postmodern in an amped up temporal sense -- i.e. postmodernity with postmodern flair, but I don't want to keep walking toward that rabbit hole ... so postmodern it is, just not in the overused art/academic sense where anything off the path can catch that label.

    Eric J. Henderson: Hip Hop and the (Near) Future

  • The bliss and ecstasy of those states temporarily breaks the deep and often unconscious shackles of postmodernity: nihilism, cynicism, narcissism and materialism.

    Andrew Z. Cohen: From Spiritual Intoxication To Spiritual Evolution

  • Smirking postmodernity images the fan as the sad geekish Trekkie, pathetically, fetishistically invested in what – all good sense knows – is embarrassing trivia.

    Archive 2009-06-01


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