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  • n. Any of various theories or methods of analysis, including deconstruction and some psychoanalytic theories, that deny the validity of structuralism's method of binary opposition and maintain that meanings and intellectual categories are shifting and unstable.

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  • n. An extension of structuralism influenced by the deconstructionists


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post- +‎ structuralism


  • In order to better understand queer theory, then, a discussion of poststructuralism is required.

    Queer Theory and Poststructuralist Theory

  • College professors following fashions in poststructuralism asserted that legal principles, like those protecting speech, were mere rhetorical power plays: without any objective, universal merit, prevailing legal ideals were simply those privileged by the mostly white male ruling class.

    Feminists Against the First Amendment

  • Basically, the word was hijacked as a term for 'poststructuralism' or for 'late capitalism,' respectively.


  • Being a good, wise critic, he realised over the course of his reading that the book could not be contained or explained fully by them, and his book S/Z became one of the finest examples of the crossover from structuralism into poststructuralism.

    Distortion Theory « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Structuralism historically gave way to poststructuralism; often the role of postmodernism within the analytic tradition is played down, although works by major figures of the analytic tradition in the 20th century [...] show a similarity with works in the continental tradition for their lack of belief in absolute truth as well as in the pliability of language.

    Wikipedia on Derrida and deconstruction, Foucault and structuralism, postmodernism and discourse

  • Michel Foucault was also a structuralist but then turned to what would be termed poststructuralism, although he himself declined to call his work either poststructuralist or postmodern.

    Wikipedia on Derrida and deconstruction, Foucault and structuralism, postmodernism and discourse

  • It came stripped and shredded, in a box labeled poststructuralism; to talk about its uselessness is the fashionable thing to do, and she'll take this irritating discourse to its limits.

    Anis Shivani: Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities: What it Takes to Ascend to the Poet Laureateship

  • Rather than searching for some essential origin or telos, poststructuralism seeks to examine the constitution of subjectivity in social life.

    Queer Theory and Poststructuralist Theory

  • The most prominent [of the new science-based scholars] are the Literary Darwinists, whose work emphasizes the discovery of the evolutionary patterns of behavior within literary texts — the Iliad in terms of dominance and aggression, or Jane Austen in terms of mating rituals — and sets itself firmly against 30 years of what they see as anti-scientific literary theories like poststructuralism and Marxism.

    The State of Criticism

  • I completed my second PhD exam today, which was on postmodern theory and poststructuralism.

    PhD Exams, 2 Down, 1 to Go


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