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  • n. An implement, resembling a plow, used to remove potatoes from the ground.
  • n. The smallest of these machines is a simple double or lifting plow having long steel lingers at the back. The plow lifts the soil, tubers, and plants, and pushes them upon the fingers, the soil falling between them, and the roots and tops being left behind on the ground. Another form of plow is provided with a horizontal wheel armed with long fingers. As the plow opens the soil, the revolving wheel picks out and separates the tubers and roots, and throws them to one side. More powerful machines, operated by four horses, open the rows and, by means of screens, clean the tubers from the soil, separate them from the tops, and deliver tops and tubers in separate lines, behind. Sometimes called a potato-harvester.


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  • Gehl Company/Corbis A farmer employs a horse-drawn potato-digger to bring in the crop, circa 1914. 1828

    Episodes of Protectionism in U.S. History

  • Leaving the potato-digger under the firm impression that they were all crazy, they hurried back to the road, the professor's bicycle was placed in the tonneau, and Jack drove just within the speed law to the hospital.

    The Boy Inventors' Radio Telephone

  • He was the son of poverty-stricken peasants and, between the ages of 12 and 19, he worked as farm-servant, drainer, potato-digger, and navvy, becoming one of the thousands of stray "tramp-laborers" who cross each summer from Ireland to Scotland to help gather in the crops.

    Biographical Sketches

  • The old potato-digger seemed to have turned peevish, but the child who had collected my ticket was talking volubly.

    The Adventure of the Literary Innkeeper

  • A potato-digger from Grouville parish struck at his head with

    The Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Gilbert Parker

  • And if they are still sung there, it is not, I think, for the sake of the kings, but for the sake of the poets who made them -- Red-haired Owen O'Sullivan, potato-digger, harvestman, hedge-schoolmaster, whose poems are still the joy of the Munster people;

    Poets and Dreamers Studies and translations from the Irish

  • 1828 Gehl Company/Corbis A farmer employs a horse-drawn potato-digger to bring in the crop, circa 1914.

    Goodbye, Free Trade?

  • Governor take Lempriere's guest like a potato-digger in the fields. "

    Michel and Angele — Volume 1


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