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  • n. A variant form of potato masher.


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  • The Chinese fired off yellow flares and red flares, and they hollered and sprayed pistol bullets with their burp guns and threw those wooden potato-masher grenades with the cast-iron heads.

    I Don't Talk Service No More

  • This potato-masher, which can also serve as a grinder, is one of several small-scale machines adapted by CIP for use in family-based processing enterprises.

    1. The jab-seeder a tool for manual seeding

  • The handle on the German “potato-masher” hand grenade enabled it to be thrown far further than its British or American counterparts.

    Overlord D-Day And The Battle for Normandy

  • It was a mystery to the Allied armies why their own industries failed to build a direct copy of the 88 mm, the Schmeisser, or the potato-masher.

    Overlord D-Day And The Battle for Normandy

  • Crush it thoroughly with pestle or potato-masher to free the pulp from the tough outside coating; rub through a fine colander, then through a sieve.

    Vaughan's Vegetable Cook Book (4th edition) How to Cook and Use Rarer Vegetables and Herbs

  • Heat the milk with the butter, salt, and pepper in it; mash the potatoes well, either with the wooden potato-masher or with a wire one, and put in the milk little by little.

    A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl

  • -- First prepare the berries by picking; after they have been well washed -- the best way to wash them is to hold the boxes under the faucet and let a gentle stream of water run over and through them, then drain, and pick them into an earthen bowl; now take the potato-masher and bruise them and cover with a thick layer of white sugar; now set them aside till the cake is made.

    Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889

  • The head of the potato-masher was a can made of one-sixteenth-inch brittle steel.

    The Fight for the Argonne Personal Experiences of a 'Y' Man

  • Many years ago, when Peter had been working for Pericles Priam, they had spent several months in a boarding house, and you could tell when there was going to be beef-steak for dinner, because you heard the cook pounding it with the potato-masher to "tender it up;" and Peter learned this phrase, and, now used the process upon his alien Reds.

    100% : The Story of a Patriot

  • I casually picked up the potato-masher this morning while I was commenting upon last night's over-salty soup, and she ran to cover behind the woodshed door.

    Dear Enemy


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