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  • n. A unit of force equal to a mass of one avoirdupois pound times a standard acceleration of gravity, equal to about 4.44822 newtons. Symbol lbf or lbf.


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  • The simulator is capable of attaining pressures of 30,000 psig (pound-force per square inch gauge) at a rated temperature of 500 degrees Farenheit.

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  • On Monday, not only did I lecture on the difference between weight and mass, but I did the whole spiel on the relation between pound-force (lbf), pound-mass (lbm), and slug (this is an engineering class, after all).

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  • Yes, pound-force (the standard pound that your bathroom scale measures) is a force unit because gravity has been taken into account.

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  • So under common conditions, a pound-mass weighs a pound-force, but when one is out of earth's gravity that equivalence fails.

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  • The slug is the mass that gives rise to a pound-force under an acceleration of 1 ft/s/s.

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  • During the tests at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, a 25 pound-force thruster testbed successfully demonstrated cooling with gaseous methane and gaseous oxygen, as well as rapid start and stop at simulated altitude conditions. News Articles

  • The company's TR408 second-generation, oxygen-methane 100 pound-force reaction control engine (RCE) was designed for the Propulsion and Cryogenics Advanced Development Project within NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program, and features robust operation over widely variable propellant conditions.


  • The material used was 9 / 16 "Blue Water climb-spec webbing with a manufacturer rating of 2300 pound-force; all cut from the same pair of 50 foot lengths of webbing (one red and one blue).



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