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  • n. A piece of metal used in weighing to determine how much makes a pound.


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  • He had the legion artificers make a small number of pound-weight lead balls, warning them that if his idea bore fruit, they would have to make thousands upon thousands of pound-weight lead balls; the chief artificer cunningly countered by suggesting that thousands upon thousands of pound-weight lead balls would be better contracted out to a private supplier.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • A pound of lead occupied a much smaller volume than a pound-weight stone of the hardest rock.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • These were clinging, of course; the pound-weight of each of them would drop them down if they let loose.

    Wandl the Invader

  • I may just say that the moon attracts a piece of matter, for example a pound-weight, here on the earth, with a force which we compare with the earth’s attraction thus.

    The Tides

  • No doubt the amount of heat evolved by the conversion of a pound-weight of carbon into carbonic acid is the same, whether it be a constituent of starch or of coal; but the application of the heat so produced is less under our control in the latter case.

    The Stock-Feeder's Manual the chemistry of food in relation to the breeding and feeding of live stock

  • There's two of 'em on each of their prahus, and they send a ball about two pound-weight sometimes, and other times a couple o 'handfuls of old bits o' broken iron, and nubbles o 'tin, and shtones.

    The Rajah of Dah

  • To assist in stopping the whale's downward course, drogues were now bent on to the line as it ran out; but they appeared to have little more effect in impeding his progress than a log-ship has in stopping the way of a vessel; and yet they have, in reality, much more, as every pound-weight in addition tells on the back of a racer.

    Old Jack

  • A peck of acorns a day, with a little bran, will make an hog (’tis said) increase a pound-weight _per diem_ for two months together.

    Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) Or A Discourse of Forest Trees


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