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  • Pilot trial to compare tolerance of chlorhexidine gluconate to povidone-iodine antisepsis for central venous catheter placement in neonates.

    Recent Neonatal Research Publications

  • Removing hair from the surgical site with clippers rather than a razor, and scrubbing the area with the antiseptic chlorhexidine rather than povidone-iodine, makes wound infections less likely.

    6 steps to fewer complications after a Cesarean

  • Although more commonly recognized in the US as "Betadine", povidone-iodine solutions (typically 10%, which would yield about 1% available iodine) are sold worldwide under the name "Microdine".

    Question ;Microdyne

  • Although the quats are commonly used as food-service sanitizing agents, in my limited poking around I can find no reference to their use disinfecting foodstuffs like produce (my initial reaction is yuck ....). iodine - Iodine solutions such as tincture of iodine (2% iodine, 2.4% sodium iodide in ethanol) and povidone-iodine are commonly used medically as topical antimicrobial treatments; in this application there's a considerably greater breadth of use than with silver compounds.

    Question ;Microdyne

  • The 1-2 drops/quart of water does, however appear to be somewhat low, noting that 0. 25-0.5 mL of a standard tincture of iodine is recommended for treating water for drinking, while 0. 35-0.7 mL of a 10% povidone-iodine solution is normally used.

    Question ;Microdyne

  • Douche with vinegar-water, or with povidone-iodine

    Chapter 25

  • Shave the donor area (usually anterior thigh or forearm) and prep with povidone-iodine

    Chapter 3

  • Earlier this year, a budget impact analysis (BIA) of three surgical preparation solutions demonstrated that DuraPrep solution already provided the most overall cost savings compared to both povidone-iodine scrub paint (PI) and ChloraPrep® Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation

    3M and Medline Industries, Inc. Collaborate to Improve Operating Room Compliance at Lower Cost - Yahoo! Finance

  • We hypothesized that preoperative skin cleansing with chlorhexidine-alcohol is more protective against infection than is povidone-iodine.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • Results A total of 849 subjects (409 in the chlorhexidine-alcohol group and 440 in the povidone-iodine group) qualified for the intention-to-treat analysis.

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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