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  • n. The part of a machine that is the source of power
  • n. A small pump used in aquariums
  • n. A bangstick; a kind of underwater firearm


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  • Water circulation, oxygenation and filtration are all delivered by the powerhead provided.

    Silverfish Aquarium – A Mansion for Fishes

  • But boy was he scared of the powerhead on the vacuum cleaner.

    Which one/s were you? Age 2-10

  • I had been using an external hang-on-back style filter – I switched to a piece of foam the same size as the side of the aquarium with a small powerhead behind it.

    Transporter n

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    Popularity in the 21st Century

  • The powerhead was failing, yet, after what Istril had told him, the bows might be the most important thing he could make before the laser system collapsed.

    Fall of Angels

  • The entire powerhead fused solid when he triggered the power.

    Fall of Angels

  • The other cutting powerhead was in little better shape.

    Fall of Angels

  • After scratching the flaking and itching sunburned skin on his forearm, he inspected the laser's powerhead with both eyes and his senses, still trying every trick he could think of to eke out the best use of the stored power that he was running through faster than the emergency generator would ever be able to recharge-assuming the laser even outlasted. the generator.

    Fall of Angels

  • As the tip of greenish light flowed toward the end of the bow, the energy flows from the powerhead fluctuated more and more wildly, and Nylan staggered where he stood, trying to hold the last focal point.

    Fall of Angels

  • He wiped his forehead with the back of his forearm, then knelt, adjusted the powerhead, and positioned the laser for the undercut.

    Fall of Angels


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