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  • n. A drug, C19H24N2O2, that kills trematodes and tapeworms parasitic to humans, used especially in the treatment of schistosomiasis.

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  • n. An anthelmintic effective against flatworms.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

p(y)razi(ne), one of its components (from German Pyrazin, blend of Pyridin, pyridine and Azin, azine) + qu(inoline) + ant(h)el(mintic).


  • - Treatment with praziquantel, which is just as effective and well tolerated, and 3 times as cheap (IDA 1991).

    Chapter 4

  • A drug called praziquantel has been used as the main treatment for several decades but scientists have never understood how the drug works.

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  • Doctors promptly prescribed praziquantel, a veterinary anti-parasitic drug that is also given to humans, and Wills was soon on the road to recovery.

    William and Kate

  • A single, oral dose of the drug praziquantel, once a year, can treat it.

    Focus on HIV prevents us from curing a billion people, say scientists

  • Hotez, one of the report's lead authors, emphasized to me on Friday that "fewer than 2% of people in Africa who should be getting treated for schistosomiasis are currently getting treated, so this is a wakeup call to enhance coverage with praziquantel."

    Josh Ruxin: 32 Cents for AIDS Prevention

  • Mass administration of praziquantel of school aged children -- who are not yet sexually active -- can essentially inoculate girls against developing the disease; repeat treatments can keep girls and young women healthy, not to mention lowering the disease burden in the community.

    Josh Ruxin: 32 Cents for AIDS Prevention

  • There are over 200 million cases of schistosomiasis, and all could be treated with the simple administration of the drug praziquantel.

    Josh Ruxin: 32 Cents for AIDS Prevention

  • Hotez and his colleagues have shown that a single mass treatment of praziquantel administered in Burkina Faso and Niger in West Africa reduced prevalence of schistosomiasis by 84 percent among girls; they cite similar results in other pilot programs.

    Josh Ruxin: 32 Cents for AIDS Prevention

  • He points out that praziquantel, the cure for schistosomiasis, costs twenty dollars.

    Parasite Rex

  • Treatment of dogs with praziquantel and preventing dogs having access to carcasses (or raw carcase trimmings) can reduce the incidence.

    Chapter 2


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