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  • n. Alternative spelling of preeminence.


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  • Thus does the world really cast off men's souls, and recognizing only their bodies, it makes it appear as if “that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts, even one things have all one breath, so that a man hath no pre-eminence over a beast, for all is vanity.” ...

    Bring Back Dies Irae

  • Call it mercantilism, call it the betrayal of the market, but the historical reality is this: Start-up incentives including the Interstate highway system, to mention just one trillion-dollar gift to oil are what brought on petroleum's pre-eminence.

    Jed Horne: Senator Vitter Discovers Adam Smith

  • Like a losing coach on "Friday Night Lights," he sets out to create a playbook for restoring the U.S. to economic pre-eminence, so that he might return to China a decade hence, find his Chinese nemesis, mention America's economy and, as he puts it, "extend my thumb, pointing upward."

    Catching Up, Getting Ahead

  • But the head winds facing Russia, and Mr. Putin's pre-eminence, are growing.

    Putin Receives a Wake-Up Call From Voters

  • In fact, Section Four can become a powerful hammer for the budget hawks if Congress simply reclaims its constitutional pre-eminence in the borrowing process.

    The Constitution and the Debt-Ceiling Debate

  • America will no longer dominate the economic neighborhood ... will no longer be able to display its military prowess in everyone else's neighborhood and just expect people to salute our pre-eminence.

    Steve McSwain: New Rules For The Global Neighborhood

  • There are other profound differences between the two longtime rivals who have been tussling over territory and pre-eminence since before the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453.

    Turkey's Tough Lessons for Greece: Cut Spending and Retool Economy

  • Morgan Stanley snagged the coveted "lead-left" position on the filing with regulators, signaling its pre-eminence on the deal.

    Facebook Banks On Traditional Approach

  • By contrast with his preceding stints in Milan, where he enjoyed unquestioned pre-eminence and produced the great paintings currently on view at London's National Gallery, Leonardo's time at the papal court was marked by competition from younger artists.

    Masters of Men and Machines

  • The policy appears to be: hand US human space flight (along with our pre-eminence) over to the rest of the word for the next decade.

    Congressional Budget Office Report on NASA Released - NASA Watch


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