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  • adj. From the time before the the Jewish exile to Babylon around 600 AD.


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  • These post-exilic passages also feature more internationally communal language than pre-exilic scripture, and mention not just God's covenant with Israel but "an everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth."

    The Bible's Vindication of Obama's Middle East Strategy

  • YHWH and names with a yahwistic theophoric element are found in pre-exilic Judean inscriptions, incidentally.

    Linguistics and the Dating of Texts

  • However, there's still a strong argument for at least a pre-exilic date for the Priestly source I know that this is a contentious issue, but this is where the evidence seems to be leading me at the moment.

    Jeremiah 7:22 as Evidence for the Date of Leviticus

  • The books of Chronicles—the third great historical work in the Bible, dealing with pre-exilic Israel—were put in writing only in the fifth or fourth centuryBCE, several centuries after the events they describe.

    The Bible Unearthed

  • The worthlessness of the mass of pre-exilic prophets was then acknowledged in terms drawn directly from the diatribes of the literary prophets:

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • This very attitude to prophecy marks the book as late; it would not be possible in a pre-exilic prophet.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • From the late historical books, such as Ezra-Nehemiah, we learn that legalism dominated post-exilic religion to an extent out of all proportion to what can be proved, or what is probable, for pre-exilic times; and it would be natural to suppose that another writing, such as P, dominated by precisely the same spirit, is a product of the same time.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • The peculiar emphasis upon the equipment with the spirit is hardly, in these ethical relationships, demonstrably pre-exilic, and the "stem" out of which the shoot is to grow suggests that the monarchy had fallen, but the word may possibly be used to indicate its decadent condition.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Babylonian, but that indigenous to Palestine, and it is described in terms which sometimes sound like an echo of pre-exilic prophecy, lvii.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • If the "anointed king," for whom prayer is offered in _v_. 10, be one of the historical kings, then the Ps. is pre-exilic; if the

    Introduction to the Old Testament


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