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  • This becomes obvious when that which is "abnormal" invokes a conditioned disgust response, an affect of pre-rational revulsion, the sort of profound and unconsidered (perhaps unconsiderable) abhorrence that leads to the action being vitriolically condemned as an "abomination".

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • Magical thinking is best thought of as pre-rational reasoning.

    Bob Burnett: What Caused the BP Oil Leak? Magical Thinking

  • It's a un- or pre-rational feeling, pure emotion and physicality, like I'm going to expire on the spot.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • When individuals are unable to adapt to the world and establish control through rational means, they naturally revert to pre-rational modes of adaptation, following, specifically, the principles of operant conditioning excessively. 1 This involves increasing behavior that was followed by success and decreasing behavior that was followed by failure.

    The Origin of Sin

  • If we can't logically prove God's existence, then isn't God just a wishful delusion, a manipulative construct of control-based religion, or a pre-rational fantasy?

    Alan Lurie: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

  • We may prize reason, but our limbic system -- the reptile part of our brain, the governor of our emotions, the seat of pleasure and fear and attention and memory -- is pre-rational.

    Marty Kaplan: If You Liked Health Care, You'll Love Afghanistan

  • People who think as she does are largely pre-rational in their beliefs, which can't be defeated with reason - she and people like her will hold tighter and tighter to her faith the more she is challenged.

    Prop 8 and Pre-rational Worldviews

  • Identity politics, in the modern sense, is associated with ideologies, but for Connolly, identity formations go down to pre-rational consolidations.

    Identity has its animal or perhaps even mineral basis

  • Identity has its animal or perhaps even mineral basis and worse, the ideational immixture in the pre-rational psychology makes identity vulnerable to sub-rational behavioral conditioning, a political lesson all fundamentalist and totalitarian ideologies know only too well.

    Identity has its animal or perhaps even mineral basis

  • The latter sometimes seems easy and comfortable but it leads to nightmares- it promises the transcendant Divine, but actually leads to a worldview which falsely inscribes the themes of our pre-rational social-animal existence onto the universe, in jarring contradiction to what reason shows the universe and the human situation to look like.

    On missing the point


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