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  • A fossil rabit unequivocally in the precambrian would of course have to be explained, but doing so would at the very least require some pretty massive changes to current theory.

    More creationist misconceptions about the eye - The Panda's Thumb

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    A Clue - Where in the West, March

  • This fact is inconsistent with mainstream uniformitarian geology, which holds that flowering plants had not yet evolved when the precambrian strata were being laid down.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • Nonetheless, Matzke claims that Chen's article documents "fossils of the long-hypothesized small, soft-bodied precambrian worm."

    Evolution News & Views

  • More importantly, this fossil does not challenge Meyer's argument: it was already known before this fossil was reported that a precambrian mollusk-like animal existed,

    Evolution News & Views

  • The precambrian trace fossils were left by multicellular animals, he reasoned, so there must be some gap in fossils between the nearly empty Precambrian and the teeming world that quickly followed. : The Latest Updates

  • In which case, I draw your attention to the precambrian era, the ice age, and the massive extinction of the dinosaurs.

    Donny's Ramblings

  • Until now, the common explanation for the unusually rapid evolution of animal phyla (the so-called Cambrian explosion) has been to suggest that precambrian trails are evidence of ongoing animal evolution long prior to the Cambrian.

    Verum Serum


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