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  • n. A precancerous condition.

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  • adj. Before the onset of cancer.
  • n. An incipient form of cancer that may become malignant if not treated.


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pre- +‎ cancer


  • But Burger says ovarian tumors may be fundamentally different than cancers of the cervix and colon, which tend to progress through predictable stages of precancer before turning malignant.

    Tests for ovarian cancer can backfire

  • Another cream stimulates the immune system to reject the precancer, the Mayo Clinic says.

    Doctors can treat skin precancer before it turns deadly

  • The protection of the vaccine is not perfect; there are at least 13 types that are known to be associated with genital cancer or precancer, and the vaccine covers 4 types.

    Why My Daughter Is Getting The HPV Vaccine

  • He had begun not with cancer but with its past incarnation, its precursor lesion—precancer.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • It is also likely that more than just “precancer” was discovered upon surgery—for in later years, Mary Lasker would refer to Farber as a “cancer survivor,” without ever divulging the nature of his cancer.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • If cancer truly slouched to its birth, as Auerbach suspected, then perhaps one could still intervene on that progression in its earliest stages—by attacking precancer rather than cancer.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • I found a dermatologist uptown who did a very small biopsy, and diagnosed precancer.

    Mohs Nose Woes - Part 2

  • My non-smoking, not overweight, no history of breast cancer wife that exercises 2-3x/ wk was diagnosed with DCS precancer in her early fourties.

    Do risks of routine mammograms really outweigh benefits?

  • The podcast deals with the complex issues surrounding screening for cervical precancer.

    January 2007

  • A pap smear will identify low-grade, you know, (INAUDIBLE), in other words, mild precancer cells.

    CNN Transcript Nov 20, 2009


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