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  • Relating to or existent or occurring in times prior to the Christian era: as, the prechristian system; prechristian speculations.


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  • Greek Hades, like the prechristian hell, seems to have been rather a dismal place than a, well, hellish one, Christian theology adding the specifically punitive element.

    Old English gods and myths: Hell

  • That prechristian hell would be miserably cold makes sense in regions where 'too cold' is more common than 'too hot.'

    Old English gods and myths: Hell

  • Brigit is easy, in some senses, as it is also the name of a patron saint of Ireland in addition to being the name of one of the primary gods in prechristian Ireland.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Naming People After Gods

  • Gates 41 through 49 also contain an original confusion of the prechristian Qabalistic angelic orders with the 5th century Hierarchies of Pseudo-Dionysus. from Westcott's "Sepher Yetzirah", 1911ev, 3rd Ed. "The Fifty Gates of Intelligence."

    The Way We Lived Then

  • Its use illustrates the adoption by the early Christians, as in the case of the tau-cross, of prechristian symbols.

    The Worship of the Church and The Beauty of Holiness

  • What have been the consequences of this return to prechristian paganism which is now "the law of the land" in once Christian nations like the United States?

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