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  • adj. Hastened; hurried.
  • adj. Deposited from a solution, vapour or state of suspension into gas.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of precipitate.


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  • Intermediate in composition between these two phosphates there is another known as precipitated phosphate of lime, or dicalcic phosphate (the same as reverted phosphate), which contains two equivalents of lime and one equivalent of water as follows: --

    Manures and the principles of manuring

  • "Mary Ann, throw her desk out of the window!" cried he, and my precious desk, containing my letters and papers, my small amount of cash, and all my valuables, was about to be precipitated from the three-story window.

    Agnes Grey

  • Thus it was, too, that English lost its case inflections and many of its old conjugations, and that our yes came to be substituted for the gea-se (= so be it) of an earlier day, and that we got rid of whom after man in the man I saw, and that our stark pronoun of the first person was precipitated from the German ich.

    Chapter 9. The Common Speech. 1. Grammarians and Their Ways

  • Martin precipitated it by reading to her his "The Shame of the Sun."

    Chapter 30

  • At these words, Murray and Edwin precipitated themselves upon the ramparts, and mowed down all before them, in a direction towards their uncle.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • The moment their eyes met, Edwin precipitated himself at his feet, and clinging to him, exclaimed, Pardon me this pursuit!

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • Here, an avalanche of huge rocks, trees, and snows had been precipitated from the summit of the mountains, and the sharp fragments left in the route, if slightly disturbed, would immediately resume their headlong course downward, and presented a barrier not only impassable for horses, but even for men.

    Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • VI., called the Philosopher, had prophesied that a perfidious emperor should be precipitated from the top of this column.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Hassan and his twelve companions had reached the summit: the giant was precipitated from the rampart: he rose on one knee, and was again oppressed by a shower of darts and stones.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • The need to raise cash for margin calls precipitated more selling.

    Downgrade Ignites a Global Selloff


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