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  • adj. Coming before a critical state or phase.

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  • adj. Before a critical stage

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Previous to the development of Kant's critical philosophy and to the publication of his “Critique of the Pure Reason.”
  • In pathology, noting the time prior to the occurrence of a crisis.


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  • Readers of the philosophical works of Immanuel Kant are aware of the basic distinction between his critical and precritical periods.

    René Descartes

  • Here he is again indebted to the precritical Kant, but he also goes somewhat further beyond him.

    Johann Gottfried von Herder

  • But there are also philosophically deeper motives: (2) He takes over from the precritical Kant an idea (inspired by ancient skepticism) that the best way for the philosopher to pursue the truth is by setting contrary views on a subject into opposition with one another in order to advance towards, and hopefully attain, the truth through their mutual testing and modification.

    Johann Gottfried von Herder

  • Herder's general philosophical program and debts to the precritical Kant:

    Johann Gottfried von Herder

  • They may of course manifest themselves in a practically infinite number of permutations, and the precritical reader may relish such psychological fiction as that of Dostoevsky or Flaubert for the subtlety and acuteness with which those authors portray the presumably universal and static varieties of affective experience.

    PKD and Style

  • In his precritical period he had still been intent upon settling the “distinctness of the fundamental principles of natural theology and morals” by placing teleology at the center of his argu - ment.


  • Whether he bought the picture in his precritical days, keeping it as a warning and imposing it upon his followers as a hoax -- this I can merely conjecture.

    The Collectors

  • They _were_ philosophers -- "spectators of all time and all existence"; but they were precritical or dogmatic philosophers, to whom it had not occurred to define the requirements of philosophy.

    The Approach to Philosophy

  • In contrast, our quest allows us-and requires us-to put these precritical presuppositions aside and approach Jesus differently.

    NPR Topics: News

  • So many people are like my loyal critic; they have so utterly bought into the six - line, black - and - white, soul - sorting heaven - or - hell Greco - Roman narrative that it has become the precritical lens through which they see everything, causing them to see some things that aren't there and rendering invisible many things that are.

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