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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of predicate.


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  • When the predicate is a class, the term predicated is called a Genus, if the subject itself be a class, or a Species, if it be an individual.

    Deductive Logic

  • Whether a term predicated is implied in the definition of the subject, or adds something to its meaning, deserves our constant attention.

    Logic Deductive and Inductive

  • And on top o that, just pulled up the weather report and see rain predicated for next 5 days.

    Rising Lake

  • One of the most thoughtful analyses of how the American system can remain predicated on the noblest of values while allowing the vilest of crimes was offered in 1971 by a brilliant and earnest young foreign-service officer who had just resigned from the National Security Council to protest the 1970 U.S. invasion of Cambodia.

    Bystanders to Genocide

  • But the quality of the call predicated more of a catastrophe than a mere blockade.

    Success A Novel

  • For suppose that A is predicated of F, and that the intermediates-call them BB’B” ... - are infinite, then clearly you might descend from and find one term predicated of another ad infinitum, since you have an infinity of terms between you and F; and equally, if you ascend from F, there are infinite terms between you and A.

    Posterior Analytics

  • Thus, while the episode operates as a scene of instruction for the eponymous protagonist, the particular and necessarily stable sense of things on which Knightley’s instructions are predicated, is ultimately insufficient in dispelling a “social density that is unsortable, unexplainable, and [...] unanswerable to any discursive formation.”

    Introduction to the Forum on the Box Hill

  • It is bridge financing in other words, predicated on growing the target's base of resources and output, rather than a bet on commodities.

    KKR's Unconventional Gas Bet

  • In fact, the emergence of Affluent Activism, which the forecasting company FutureLabs describes as a predicated on the rise of "conscience consumers who are cash-rich, credit-using urbanites who ... use credit cards as ballot cards," is here to stay, even as affluence declines.

    Melissa Biggs Bradley: Adieu, Extravagance, Bonjour, Engagement: The Travel World's Wakeup Call.

  • Vidsense engages consumers on their own terms predicated on our belief that the best way to target your audience in an on-demand medium is to let them target you instead.

    The Cheng and Ch'i of Online Advertising - Jaffer Ali - MediaBizBlogger


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