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  • v. Present participle of prefabricate.


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  • Pity the journalist didn't provide a reference :- People have probably been doing the same sort of thing since the year dot - and I do agree with the rest of the article about the good sense of prefabricating buildings and the high quality of Scandinavian timber houses.

    Thatched barns and stave churches: the possibilities of Anglo-Saxon timber architecture

  • It did adopt certain stances against our nation and they actually launched psychological warfare propagating, prefabricating and faked news, seeking to divert the Iranian nation from its right path and even for certain -- for a period of time after the elections, they tried to actually tarnish the image of the great move by the Iranian nation.

    CNN Transcript Jun 14, 2009

  • Apparently, the same resources the Dominion uses to rebuild their fleets so quickly were put to work prefabricating the key structural elements of Sentok Nor months ago, suggesting that the Betazed invasion was a long time in the planning.

    The Battle of Betazed

  • Concrete is thus a very versatile material and can be made to satisfy a large variety of requirements, whether it is used for foundations, floor slabs monolithic walls cast in situ, or for prefabricating concrete blocks.

    Chapter 3

  • After prefabricating all the required pores, they are assembled on the ground, directly below their final position and lifted into place by a pulley system.

    Chapter 10

  • Kotos is in charge of a crew of 10 Seabees who have been charged with prefabricating and staging the floor system, walls and trusses of two 50-by-90-foot facilities and three Featured Story

  • There are no known methods for prefabricating a full Monolithic Domeshell and transporting it for assembly on site.


  • Known methods for prefabricating dome-shaped buildings such as described in US Patent No. 4965970 involve the use of prefabricated panels.


  • During the same period, workers will begin prefabricating huge sections of bridge beam and deck - each will weigh about 264,000 pounds, Herrin said - that will be dropped into place after the old bridge is demolished early next year. - News


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