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  • adj. Prior to feminism.


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pre- +‎ feminist


  • In all her poetry, unchangingly from 1978, Olds remains the little prefeminist girl, utterly overwhelmed by biology.

    Anis Shivani: Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities: What it Takes to Ascend to the Poet Laureateship

  • Some may yet strain to see her as a prefeminist who takes on a man's world.

    Mommie Mildred Dearest

  • And it's not just sexy but also revolutionary, daring, sweet, sour, cynical, carefree, poignant, and so far ahead of its time that one could cite it as not only a pre-Code masterpiece but also a prefeminist testimonial.

    Kim Morgan: It Takes Three: Design for Living

  • Why is TV focusing on women of the prefeminist past?.

    Stewardesses and Bunnies of Yore

  • I.e. they might straight up not believe a woman can be a good president, but, lacking prefeminist language and knowing vaguely that such sentiments are not okay, might lack a language to talk about this.

    Voting The Minority

  • In fact, I distinctly remember “myself” being last — it was one of the biggest issues I had with the pledge, because as a properly chaste young prefeminist girl, this was not about some future husband, or about my family, it was about me, I was doing it for me and no one else.

    huh, that’s funny « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • Tune handles them with prefeminist Ziegfeldian zing, choreographing not only their lissome torsos and high-rise legs but also their hands, elbows, even their madly innocent smiles.

    Follies Of A Folk Hero

  • When Walt Disney repackaged her in 1964, the nanny carried a prefeminist message: once Mary Poppins straightened out the Banks family, Mrs. Banks was happy to give up her suffragette marches and stay home with the kids.

    There's Something About Mary

  • In her mind, she isn't trapped in some prefeminist horror show.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • It was a fading courtliness, in both cases, that perhaps also shared a prefeminist history.

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