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  • adj. Occurring before the flop in community card poker games


pre- +‎ flop (Wiktionary)


  • Choosing the right poker hand preflop is a large part of the game, since many hands can get you into a lot of trouble or make you a huge winner.

    The Best Sit and Go (SNG) Poker Lessons | Poker Hands

  • First, the large starting stack in relation to the blinds allows you to overcall a preflop raise with a drawing hand that could hit big.


  • Just like those first two hands, every significant hand I won the rest of the way through my time in the tournament was either a stone bluff based on a read, a c-bet of a missed flop, or me getting lucky and hitting a turn after calling preflop with some shitty hand.

    Hammer Player's Poker Blog

  • Then I flopped a set of 6s after calling a preflop raise from early position from the guy to my immediate right, who I had immediately pegged as another typical old-man rock who wasn't going in from EP without a strong hand.

    Hammer Player's Poker Blog

  • Now some would say I should have just called his preflop raise but with that flop all the chips were going in post flop anyways.

    BC Bloggers

  • To describe just one example, Warren warns against getting into the habit of calling a preflop raise from the big blind when one is only up against the raiser, and lists several good reasons why this is often an unprofitable play.

    Poker News

  • An overcard would be significantly less scary if, for instance, you had flat-called preflop and checked and called after the flop.

    Noted Poker Authority

  • Alexey Maslov of Russia called a preflop raise from his countryman Lykov, and both checked the.

    Poker News

  • When tight players call preflop from an early position, they tend to have fairly strong hands, and their ranges are weighted toward pocket pairs.

    Noted Poker Authority

  • Ivan Demidov started an early surge by calling a preflop raise from Eastgate on the very first hand to see a flop of.

    Poker News


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