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  • adj. Describing psychosexual development prior to the genital phase
  • adj. In front of the genital region

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  • In entomology, situated before the external opening of the oviduct, sting, or male intromittent organ.


pre- +‎ genital (Wiktionary)


  • It then dominates a phase of the sexual life, which we shall later describe as the pregenital organization.

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

  • In the pregenital stage of libido development there are two important phases that enter into the stammering neurosis, namely, the earlier oral stage and the later anal-sadistic stage.

    Knotted Tongues

  • Reich 1974 placed the impulsive character, the neurotic character, and the psychopath between neurosis and psychosis and observed the ambivalence, hostile pregenital impulses, ego and superego deficits, immature defenses, and primitive narcissistic features of the impulsive personality.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Hogan 1983 examined the pregenital characteristics that distinguish between the anroexic and bulimic patient.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • “Some patients with neurotic character structures and appropriate pregenital problems may discover and use bulimia and vomiting to replace neurotic or psychosomatic symptoms and to reinforce their defenses against unwanted oedipal pressures” p.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Identification as development out of oral pregenital sexual organization, 59

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

  • [21] Cf. here the later communication on the pregenital phases of the sexual development, in which this view is confirmed.

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

  • A second pregenital phase is the sadistic-anal organization.

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

  • The assumption of the pregenital organizations of the sexual life is based on the analysis of the neuroses and hardly deserves any consideration without a knowledge of the same.

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex

  • One of the first of such pregenital sexual organizations is the _oral_, or if we wish, the cannibalistic.

    Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex


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