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  • adv. In a prejudicial manner.

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  • In a prejudicial manner; injuriously; disadvantageously.


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prejudicial +‎ -ly


  • "The charts suggested that this transaction caused AIG's shares to plummet 12% during the relevant time period, which is without foundation, and given the role of AIG in the financial panic prejudicially cast the defendants as causing an economic downturn that has affected every family in America."

    AIG-Gen Re Convictions Dismissed

  • A rigged contest with politically loaded dice, prejudicially marked cards, and scores tallied and settled by the finality of zero-sum conclusions.

    Barry Michael Cooper: Mourning In America (The Crack of the Dawn of the Dead)

  • They are at the bottom and we can hardly bother to notice, much less protest, how prejudicially they have been treated as being incapable of learning to care for their own health.

    Chris Norwood: Can a "Health" System Kill a Country?

  • Phimister ruled that making the information public would "substantially and prejudicially" jeopardize Phillip Garrido's right to a fair trial.

    Lawyer: Couple confessed to Dugard kidnapping

  • But in both cases, I've not seen the claimants produce the papers they claim have been prejudicially rejected in peer-review.

    The Problem With Publishing On The Historical Jesus

  • Provided the proper circumstances, indulging a widespread ignorance of each other or our irrational fear of difference, any and all of us might willingly act just as prejudicially.

    Michael Henry Adams: Celebrating Homo-Harlem

  • This episode will be added to many such incidents and brought up again and again by those who think that muslims are being victimised in this country and treated harshly, unfairly and prejudicially.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Following prosecutions, independent reviews have shown that evidence used to target Muslim charities have included "rank hearsay inadmissible in court, news articles that do not even mention the charity in question, or intelligence that has been inaccurately and prejudicially translated."

    Targeting Muslim Charities in America

  • This is interpreted by the Israeli electorate to mean that the outside world is prejudicially obstructive.

    The Israeli Elections

  • So, one kind of social selection takes place by deliberate choosing, and as I have said, sometimes prejudicially, sometimes imprudently, but always by big or little acts of volition on the part of the already successful person.

    Mimesis on Wall Street


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