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  • adj. Before the start of life.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Immediately preceding death.


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pre- +‎ mortal


  • Perhaps we might have even agreed, in some premortal state, to the experiences and trials we face.

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  • For our bedtime story a couple of nights ago, I told the kids the story of the premortal life, and the war in heaven, and Adam and Eve.

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  • Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose….

    There but for the Grace of God…? | Mind on Fire

  • I was attending a student ward at BYUa congregation made of entirely of eighteen- to thirty-year-olds, not all of them college students, but all looking for that certain special someone, that magic mate, that bright twin spirit from our premortal existence whose eyes you would meet with a shock of recognition, and you both would know you had found your foreordained eternal companion at last.

    The Curse of Michael Myers

  • Will they really be burdened by this premortal madness that manifested itself in Bosnia, or in the little village of Rwanda, where 700,000 people at least were hacked to death in a hundred days -- in a country not a colonial creation, those people had been living together for 500 hundred years.

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  • (Also, it makes the first [presumably Jesus] sound qualitatively different than us.) (Abraham does imply that the host of heaven were humans in a premortal state; doesn't come out and say it expressly, because rulers could be godly rulers, but that fact that Abraham was one of those strongly implies that the host of heaven was us.)

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  • There are not many scriptures that teach specifically about these events and there are very few details about what our premortal life is like.

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  • This order follows the Abraham text fairly well, which is more detailed on events of the premortal life than the Moses narrative.

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  • Do I view the premortal life of Christ differently from those who lived before Christ was born and only had his first coming to look forward to, as opposed to me looking back at his first coming, and forward to the second coming?

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  • Jesus Christ was chosen by the Father from the beginning and we chose to follow him in the premortal life.

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