from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Preponderant; exceeding in quantity or amount: as, the preponderous constituents of a chemical solution.


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  • Den Boer and Hudson's references to Robert Wright's The Moral Animal and Laura Betzig's study of the link between despotism and polygyny men hoarding wives and mistresses, since they infer that these works argue that gender imbalances are only governable by authoritarian regimes, when both seem only to suggest that there is a correlation between imbalanced sex ratios and authoritarianism - not that only one can deal with a preponderous of men.

    China's Future: A Clockwork Orange?

  • A weary mountain of the cruelly enhancing red silk and melting sequin paste, the billowy arms inundated with the thumb-deep dimples lax out along the chair-sides, as preponderous and preposterous a heroine as ever fell the lot of scribe, she was nature's huge joke -- a practical joke, too, at eighteen dollars a week, bank-books from three trust companies, and a china pig about ready to burst.

    Humoresque A Laugh on Life with a Tear Behind It

  • To march an army of preponderous strength through level and fertile country, flanked by friendly war-ships and backed by unassailable credit; to meet and overcome a much smaller and far less rich army, intrenched behind earthworks of doubtful formidableness, and finally to besiege and capture an isolated city of more historic than strategic advantages, seemed on the face of it as easy as rolling a barrel downhill or eating when hungry.

    Aladdin O'Brien

  • It now seems that the attention of Lamido Sanusi has been totally arrested by the glitz of the office, and the related preponderous media coverage attendant on his controversial ongoing bank reforms.


  • What is of issue - is that 'we' (humanity) still do not currently have the capability or skill set to validly and appropriately discern the preponderous data sets of vast random occurrences/variables - Comments


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