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  • Antecedent to the maturation of intelligence.

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  • adjective Before the application of reason.


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pre- +‎ rational


  • When morality is in this way non-dialectical, casual, impulsive, polyglot, it is what we may call prerational morality.

    The Life of Reason

  • Defined as natural talent or "prerational" genius, ingenium was held in contrast to the wisdom gained from practice and experience, and considered a divine stamp on the soul delivered at the instant of one's birth.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • ~ The Unbelievable -- Problem with Harris is he won't recognize levels of religious faith, i.e. levels of spirituality, at least basic ones such as prerational, rational and postrational.

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  • What I fear is that a structurally and intellectually hollow modernity might implode, leaving the pieces to be picked up by the prerational social forces which have always been looking for their chance to re-establish societies fully dominated by patriarchal myth and authority.

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  • Bion seems to have empathized with the need felt by creative personalities of Beckett's type to regress to prerational darkness and chaos as a preliminary to an act of creation.

    The Making of Samuel Beckett

  • ~ Confusion -- Buddhist teachings contain prerational views, rational and deductive reasonings, paradoxical mandalic visions, and also purely transrational disclosures.

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  • Shock, he will say, is the primitive, prerational reaction; after rational reflection the strength of feeling associated with a prohibition can be, and ought to be, proportional to the estimated harm of the immediate and remote consequences; and he will find no more in the signs of necessity and impossibility than an emphasis on the moral rules which have proved to be necessary protections against evil effects.

    A Special Supplement: Morality & Pessimism

  • Herder and the romanti - cists directed attention to prepolitical, prerational foundations — the mother tongue, ancient folk tradi - tions, common descent, or the “national spirit.”


  • Up to the present we have been assuming that the material of language reflects merely the world of concepts and, on what I have ventured to call the “prerational” plane, of images, which are the raw material of concepts.

    Chapter 2. The Elements of Speech

  • While Greek morality, in its contents or in the type of life it prescribes, comes nearer than any other prerational experiment to what reason might propose, yet it has been less useful than many other influences in bringing the Life of Reason about.

    The Life of Reason


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