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  • n. Plural form of prerogative.


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  • If DOMA's direct interference with state prerogatives is beyond federal power, then perhaps any or all of these programs are vulnerable -- and unconstitutional -- to the extent they interfere with state policies regarding family formation as well.

    Why The White House Will Fight The Tauro DOMA Ruling

  • Establishing man from the outset in God's likeness, each of these prerogatives is meant to grow and unfold until the divine resemblance is brought to perfection.


  • Bush has taken the opposite approach and for all his swagger and protectiveness of executive prerogatives is becoming a disturbing study in lassitude in the executive branch.

    Sound Politics: "Double Down"?

  • We will want certain prerogatives for ourselves, but definitely not more than anybody else.

    The Real New Order

  • I can imagine few short-term prerogatives that should override this - our highest priority.

    Energy Bulletin -

  • But the fact that the incumbent President has used signing statements in ways that expose a certain cynicism in signing rather than vetoing measures he has no intention of applying and enforcing as Congress manifestly intended, asserting that he regards Congress as having trespassed on his constitutional prerogatives, is objectionable not by virtue of the signing statements themselves but, rather, by virtue of this President's failure to face the political music by issuing a veto and subjecting that veto to the possibility of an override in Congress, and on occasion also by virtue of the inflated view of executive prerogative the President has announced in particular cases.


  • a god as the Pope does, who claims divine powers and prerogatives, is unquestionably a blasphemer, and that antichrist.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)

  • (Yes, that’s good English; I’m a writer, and one of my prerogatives is to make up silly versions of common expletives using the names of friends and enemies.)

    John Brown – the author’s official site » 2010 » June

  • We must realize that a democracy as such gives us certain prerogatives.

    Conflicts of Doctrines in Europe

  • Whatever menaces their liberties, whatever detracts from their, power and infringes on their prerogatives is a peril to our institutions and a step backward in the science of government.

    Unleavened Bread


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