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  • adj. Situated in front of the sacrum

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  • Preceding the sacrum in the spinal column; situated in front of the sacral vertebræ, as a vertebra; lumbar.
  • n. Any vertebra in front of the sacrals, generally used in the plural.


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  • The procedure is called a presacral neurectomy, and it involves the cutting of nerve fibers that lead directly to your uterus and pelvis.

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  • Posterior presacral vertebrae are extremely robust and possess fused ribs and the last presacral vertebra has been fused to the sacrum, a character that may be taxonomically useful.

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  • The cut goes into the "presacral space," a cavity in the pelvis that is generally empty except for fat.

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  • It retains some features present in extinct Cretaceous birds that are lacking in modern birds e.g., it has non-heterocoelous presacral vertebrae, but in general has many derived features.

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  • Spongy somphospondylus presacral vertebrae; dorsal ribs plank-like with pneumatic cavities; iliac preacetabular process semicircular; scapular glenoid fossa bevelled medially

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  • They have only six presacral vertebrae (eight is the typical number for toads), and of these the first two are fused (both characters are also seen in

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