presented to him love

presented to him


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  • The conditions of obscuration now presented to him for the first time in battle, simply reinforced that opinion.

    First Clash

  • In 1640 he became B.D., and nine years after was created D.D. The college living of North Cadbury, in Somerset, was presented to him in 1643, and shortly afterwards he married.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • In a factory of the Faubourg Saint-Sever, the minister of the interior presented to him the dean of the workmen, noted as having woven the first piece of velvet in France; and the First Consul, after complimenting this honorable old man, granted him a pension.

    Recollections of the private life of Napoleon

  • For long moments Dave Ward stared out on the scene presented to him in that megalithic amphitheater.

    Behold the Stars

  • If the danger represented by going through an untested box had been presented to him when he'd been a box trooper he'd have gone-unwill­ingly and afraid-but he'd have gone.

    Behold the Stars

  • As the Emperor passed through Agen, there was presented to him a brave fellow named Printemps, over a hundred years old, who had served under Louis XIV.,

    Recollections of the private life of Napoleon

  • Frequently, in the hopeless tangle of symptoms, complaints and disconnected facts in the history as originally obtained, especially in old-standing cases, one does not really know just where to begin, what to start with in the first efforts to struggle with the problem of the ultimate genesis and evolution of the condition which is presented to him at the particular moment.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • Immediately they sent a solemn embassy to that prince, and presented to him the crown of Amanguchi.

    The Works of John Dryden

  • Frank Sanborn, one of the so-called ` Secret Six ', the committee of influential abolitionists who are Brown's leading supporters,32 You may meet some of 'em when you're presented to him at Sanborn, s place in Concord.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • The father having informed him of the reasons for which his Holiness and the king of Portugal had sent him to the Indies, presented to him the briefs of Pope Paul III., at the same time declaring to him, that he pretended not to use them without his approbation and good-liking: after this, he cast himself at his feet, and desired his blessing.

    The Works of John Dryden


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