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  • n. A bed inclosed in solid woodwork like a cupboard, or made to fold or turn up so as to be put in a cupboard.
  • n. In printing: In the cylinder printing-machine, a flat table of iron which upholds the form of type and passes to and fro under the impression cylinder.
  • n. In the hand-press, an iron table upholding the form of type that passes to and fro under the platen. See cut of stop-cylinder machine at printing-machine.


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  • One of our most successful wine-growers here, commenced his operations with a simple hole in the ground, dug under his house, and his first wine press was merely a large beam, let into a tree, which acted as a lever upon the grapes, with a press-bed, also of his own making.

    The Cultivation of The Native Grape, and Manufacture of American Wines

  • Next door, in the dining-room, old Betty Harrison lay across the press-bed in which she usually slept.

    She Stands Accused

  • For Roger's parents lived in a cottage near the old people, and the boy often said that he had two homes, and belonged half in one and half in the other, and the small press-bed in Granny's loft seemed as much his own as the cot in the corner of his mother's sleeping-room, and was occupied almost as often.

    Christmas Its Origin, Celebration and Significance as Related in Prose and Verse

  • She cast a white shawl about her shoulders, crossed the kitchen and so into the room where the four gentlemen were sitting about the table -- the Fiscal with his papers at the end, and behind the curtains drawn close about the press-bed where lay that which it was not good for young eyes to see.

    The Dew of Their Youth

  • I was to sleep in a little press-bed in Dr. Johnson's room.

    Life of Johnson

  • But Connie explained to Ronald that the huge wooden wardrobe was doubtless a press-bed which let down at night.

    Sue, A Little Heroine

  • One was caught on a lawn with an umbrella; one was reported to have been found in a press-bed; another, coiled round in

    Sir Gibbie

  • Four in the old press-bed in the corner, and one in a battered crib, and one in the narrow bed over which the coverlet was not yet green.

    Jan of the Windmill

  • The sandy kitten waited till Jan was fairly established, so as to receive her comfortably, and then she dropped from the roof of the press-bed, and he cuddled her into his arms, where she purred like a kettle just beginning to sing.

    Jan of the Windmill

  • At this moment the wailing of the baby disturbed the miller's eldest son as he lay in the press-bed.

    Jan of the Windmill


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