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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of presuppose.


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  • Are you honestly telling me that every and all materialist theories about the brain presupposed that problems like OCD could be overcome by mental focus and dialogue?

    Bunny and a Book

  • For the syllogism is always contrary to the fact, e.g. if a thing is good, it is proved that it is not good, if an animal, that it is not an animal because the syllogism springs out of a contradiction and the terms presupposed are either identical or related as whole and part.


  • The noise of an engine getting up steam, the rattle of cabs and porters 'barrows, the tread and voices of a multitude of people made fitting accompaniment to a dialogue which in every word presupposed the corruptions and miseries of a centre of modern life.

    The Nether World

  • I kind of presupposed this ancient, this relic would have a hard time talking to me, but was I totally surprised.

    Guanajuato restaurants

  • So, on the other hand, I never have had any hope of conservative reconstruction except (and that slender and remote) such as presupposed the co-operation -- I am now speaking for the House of Commons only -- of yourself and Graham in particular.

    The Life of William Ewart Gladstone, Vol. 1 (of 3) 1809-1859

  • Find out any man that could furnish you with information such as presupposed an interest in Ireland, and inevitably he turned out a bigoted partisan.

    Autobiographical Sketches

  • Reform within a set, confine, within a structure that is presupposed, within a structure that is given, is really meaningless.

    Kathleen Wells, J.D.: Dr. Hossein Ziai Says Iran May See Another Revolution

  • While I had serious reservations for the policies and pronouncements of the last Administration, I never could nor would have presupposed or suggested that there was a lack of concern or patriotism which motivated their misguided prescriptions.

    Lance Simmens: It Just Makes Me Want To Gag: Cheney

  • Having come to this conclusion, I laid down, as a rule for my guidance, the principle of non-interference with the provisional State governments, and though many appeals were made to have me rescind rulings of the courts, or interpose to forestall some presupposed action to be taken by them, my invariable reply was that I would not take cognizance of such matters, except in cases of absolute necessity.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • Of course, that presupposed that she even cared what he was doing, and he was pretty sure she didn't.

    The Taste of Coins from Treasure Troves


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