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  • n. The act of making someone or something pretty.
  • n. The act of improving an interface in positive ways.


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A colloquial derivative of prettify.


  • The "beautification algorithm" is more properly a "prettification" one, I think--generally speaking, it turned beautiful and interesting faces into boring faces.

    Random Shots from All Over

  • And Lionel Shriver gets her teeth into the issue of male versus female novelists and gives it a good shake, arguing that female writers never receive the kind of accolades awarded to their male counterparts, and suffer from an infantilizing 'prettification' by marketing departments: ... trussing up my novels as sweet, girly and soft is like stuffing a rottweiler in


  • Some have got sniffy about the 'prettification' of his music as he moved away from dissonance but I think whatever he releases is of such a standard we can trust him to always be interesting and engaging, however small or large the progressions.

    The Line Of Best Fit

  • His gesture of confidence: Vornado Realty Trust, of which he is CEO and chairman, will within three months begin construction on a more than $100 million rehabilitation and prettification of 330 Madison Avenue, the classy old broad of a building at the near-peerless corner of 42nd Street.

    Vornado to Beautify 330 Madison for $100 M.

  • One of the reasons I loved the movie The Departed was because in every single frame, a hard, dark, ugly truth was being spoken -- without apology or prettification -- and that of itself was beautiful.

    Marianne Williamson: Truth Be Told

  • Daley explains his passion for prettification by recalling that shortly after being elected in 1989 he took a train from Washington to New York, and was struck by the ugliness travelers saw as trains entered and left cities along the way.

    The Greening Of Chicago

  • Straight men are not wired in the art of prettification thank goodness.

    In Which I Succumb to the Keira Knightley/All Things British Vogue

  • In any case, prettification reached its peak and because I ended up with an extra ticket I was able to get hubby in as well.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • The government's prettification efforts in the pending Supreme Court cases continue. posted by Eric 5: 22 PM |


  • Especially cool was getting to see all the Uglies madness at the Indiana school Scott visited -- there were hoverboards and games and all sorts of things, but my favorite was a gameboard set up like Operation, complete with bones and things to be removed during prettification.



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