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  • v. To convince; to persuade.


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  • This opinion was so firmly established, that Madam de Polignac wrote to Madam de Verdelin, begging she would prevail upon me to show her the portrait of Julia.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • I could not prevail upon myself to do it, and I quietly walked through the country with my caffetan and fur bonnet in the midst of the hootings of the dregs of the people, and sometimes through a shower of stones.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • But Edward's taken his brood up to Haverston for the week to visit Jason, and Derek's up there too, so that unfortunately leaves you and me the only Malorys in town she can prevail upon — unless, of course, we foist the chore on your father.

    Tender Rebel

  • "Perhaps I can prevail upon you to play for the company when Miss Lacey has finished," he said.

    Ungrateful Governess

  • I would have taken him to supper at Madam d 'Epinay's, but he refused to go; and, notwithstanding all the efforts which at different times the desire of uniting those I love induced me to make, to prevail upon him to see her, even that of conducting her to his door which he kept shut against us, he constantly refused to do it, and never spoke of her but with the utmost contempt.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • Ignazio Visconti, the General of the Society, over-compliant to the wishes of the king, issued a strict command to the members of the order to yield to thc inevitable and to prevail upon the exiled Indians to submit, a task which they performed, at first indeed without success.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Xavier took pity on the folly of the Caciz, and endeavoured all he could to convert him at that instant from Mahometanism; but he could not prevail upon an obstinate mind, blinded with the opinion of its own reason; and therefore the father acquiesced in the decrees of that Providence, which has fixed the times and revolutions for the conversion of infidels and sinners.

    The Works of John Dryden

  • His request was, that her ladyship would prevail upon Lord Nelson to accept six dozen of this incomparable wine: part of it would then have the honour to flow into the heart's blood of that immortal hero; and this thought would make him happy during the remainder of his life.

    The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

  • As Zanetto had acknowledged the debt, I desired M. le Blond to endeavor to obtain from him the three sequins on giving him a receipt for the amount, or to prevail upon him to renew the note by way of duplicate.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • I wished to prevail upon Patizel to put the questions and take depositions himself, which in fact was more his business than mine; but to this he would not consent; he never once opened his mouth and refused to sign the depositions after me.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau


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